About BOAH


BOAH brand. BOAH - Beauty Of Alternative Happiness. We are pretty certain that beauty brings joy and happiness to our lives. We also think so does alternative habits and lifestyle. How about alternative habits that are beautiful? Intrigued? Sounds like something you have been looking for a very long time? Or maybe you just though of it now? Well, look no further, we think BOAH is what you need.

We are a young fast-growing company that takes pride in providing environment friendly products. We promote alternative habits and lifestyle. What do we mean by that? Well, long story short we want to encourage you to change your old habits of using toxic and harmful single-used materials and products into sustainable and ethological (ethical + ecological) routine. Or if you are not ready yet, just encourage you to give it a thought. Step by step it can become an alternative lifestyle - a lifestyle that quite a few people around the world are promoting. And you know what? They are extremely happy and positive! You can not only reduce your costs, use your beloved product multiple times but also help the environment - our lovely planet Earth.

And that is exactly where BOAH comes in! We care about global issues surrounding us today and we love beauty. And who says that these two are not compatible together? Major brands are taking actions to help the environment and become eco-friendly. We are joining forces and believe that every action taken can lead to a conscious sustainable world starting from everyday wear to an occasional treat. Biodegradable, ethical, eco-friendly, ergonomic, recycled & upcycled, healthy and natural are all key characteristics that BOAH stands strongly behind. We want to see world a better place and what day is better than today to start thinking and taking sensible actions. You may ask why? Simply, BECAUSE WE CARE.

BOAH is a community. Here at BOAH we want to share our ideas, experiences and thoughts. It is not about ME, it is all about WE. BOAH is there for everyone of you and only by breaking stereotypes and unhealthy habits together we can make a change that truly matters. Interested? Do you have any thoughts, ideas, suggestions or just want to be a part of BOAH or worldwide movement that is cheering for the healthier world? Join us and be part of BOAH journey on social media @boahproducts.