About BOAH products

Beautiful and elegant BOAH Women’s Chelsea wellies. Lightweight, durable and comfortable everyday footwear which is suitable for every occasion whether it is a rainy day outside or another day at the office. Wellies are made out of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or TPE (hermoplastic elastomer) materials, which are light, durable and odour-free. Delicate Chelsea shoes design is made to precision so that every detail from stitching to outer finish stands out. It fits all – inclusive universal design is compatible with unisex category therefore, if it fits – it sits. The manufacture of these wellies is exceptional compared to other waterproof footwear retailers. Boots are made using ethical ergonomic infrastructure, which follows environment friendly strategy. All boots are recycled and upcycled with a guaranteed “Zero Waste” policy. So you can be sure that by wearing them you are helping the environment.

High quality BOAH Chelsea wellingtons. We ensure high quality by using new and advanced technology. The upper part and sole are molten together to ensure that they are 100% waterproof up to the elastic band. Wider-fit technology ensures flexibility and comfort. That allows for customers to insert a thicker sock during colder seasons or air circulation during warmer seasons with easy slip-on closure. Removable sole inserts provides cushion and comfort that can be easily replaced or renewed. Every boot passes many hands (yes, humans! and NOT robots) and rigorous quality control tests to make sure you receive high quality footwear that you can trust.

We are growing! We are expanding our range from ethical footwear to a broad spectrum of products, which are...? You guessed it right - alternative! We are super excited to introduce our customised lines of ecological personal care, kitchenware and many other products! So keep tuned and start or continue your journey with BOAH. 

BOAH is a community. Here at BOAH we want to share our ideas, experiences and thoughts. It is not about ME, it is all about WE. BOAH is there for everyone of you and only by breaking stereotypes and unhealthy habits together we can make a change that truly matters. Interested? Do you have any thoughts, ideas, suggestions or just want to be a part of BOAH or worldwide movement that is cheering for the healthier world? Join us and be part of BOAH journey on social media @boahproducts.